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Clear Answers to Commercial Questions

Antony Fanshawe is a very experienced and highly qualified professional.

Introducing Antony Fanshawe

Antony Fanshawe is a very experienced and highly qualified professional.

Antony Fanshawe has had a long and varied career in the course of which he has acted as a forensic accountant and expert witness in a wide range of complex commercial cases, usually involving corporate insolvency, since the millenium.

He has given evidence in Court and been cross-examined.

He has wide-ranging professional and commercial hands on experience. In the last 5 years or so, alongside his expert work, has founded a sustainable building products distributor ( and, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, an entrepreneur’s discussion group, Business Cobra ( In this time he has also worked on corporate finance assignments and become a leading provider of Evaluator Reports for pre-pack business sales through administration.

He is based outside Winchester and is available for meetings in London and the South of England as well as on all virtual meeting platforms.




“These are the people to go to if you want a genuinely creative solution”.

Paris Smith LLP


“Your ability to grasp the issues with very little in the way of brief was exemplary. If only all experts were so reliable and insightful.”

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